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About Unchecked Arts

                       About My Art

My name is Sabrina Alexander and I poke wood with knives and fire until it gives me what I want.

Most people call this process pyrography, or woodburning, the art of drawing with fire. Relief carving is working one side of a flat piece of wood. 

I also use graphite, ink, soft pastels, and combined applications, but my favorite mediums remain wood and stipple art. I'm self taught and continuously learning. 

Nature is a consistent theme, whether true to life or straight out of fantasy. Art is my way of delving into interconnectedness - and the ways we humans disconnect, from nature and from each other. Nature, humanity, and fantasy collide and reconfigure. Sometimes the result is comforting, even amusing. Underneath is a quiet unease that filters through gentle forms and simple concepts.

                           About Me

Born in Boston, MA, I've lived in every region of the US EXCEPT the PNW. At the present, I'm making St. Louis my home. 


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